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Amateur Radio Fox Hunting - VK Style fuarena e5317560b

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fuarena e5317560b
Amateur Radio is one of those hobbies with a vast array of options to explore. One of these is "Fox Hunting" or "Radio Direction Finding", where you try and track down a transmitter operating from a hidden location.

In Australia, fox-hunts are often vehicle based events, with the pinnacle being the National Fox Hunting Championships. These are held each year in the pine forests of Mt Gambier in the south east of South Australia. The cars are kitted out with a mind boggling array of spinning antennas, specialist electronics and computer mapping and prediction systems all with the goal of helping each team find the "fox transmitter" the fastest (within the local speed limits of course!)

These championships are part of the larger South East Radio Group Inc convention, held during the Queens Birthday June long weekend each year. The SERG convention has been running for over 40 years now, and attracts amateur radio operators from predominantly Adelaide and Melbourne, although people have attended from across the continent.

This film was shot during the 1999 and 2001 events. As such it is almost "archival" today in it's character. Even so, I hope that some of you will find the story interesting.

Special Thanks to Matt VK5ZM (then VK5ZMC), who was the driver for most of the chase footage, for not getting my little Toyota hatch back bogged in the forests!

Camera: Sony TR-516E Hi-8 PAL 4:3 SD Camcorder
Editing: Adobe Premiere CS5 + Neat Video + Mercalli Stabilisation
Music: Endorphine - "Melodyne" available from http://www.jamendo.com/
Licensed under: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
fuarena Be5317560bTe5317560b

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