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How to Deal With Difficult People fuarena d4cbaef3e

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fuarena d4cbaef3e
Hello My More Melody Family, I hope this video came right in time for you for the holidays!

Three Levels of Relationships:
1. rarely know: online, customer service, drivers
2. acquaintances: colleagues, church people, people you volunteer with, friends
3. close friends, parents, siblings, SOs

Closer people are to you (level three), the more influence and power they have. These people are the most difficult to forgive and the easiest to hurt.
Humans and animals respond to trouble with fight or flight.
Staying is better than flight, but flight is better than fighting.
Try not to take on more difficult people than you can handle because you'll want to leave or lash out (fight).
Genuine compliment, benefit of doubt, genuine interest, a listening ear, a gift.
Once kindness becomes a habit, the only times you need to be careful are when you are pressed to your limits (holidays, bad days).

One day we can look back and be proud of how we carried ourselves around the table, in the car, in the workplace when we encountered difficult or cruel people, which in the grand scheme of things is a very small blip in time, even if it seems like it takes every ounce of energy to be kind in the moment.

Why Care?
Everyone is connected. Their kids will be employed and date in society. Kids and animals suffer under difficult people. A little effort goes a long way. The best things take work, but are very simple in nature.

Being nice to waiters and waitresses even after bad service is a great thing, because even though I've never served, I never know if they were overworked that day, had too many tables, or if they have a difficult personality and life has been beating them down. Either way, I want to be extra nice because we will probably never see them again. This is the best policy, to give people the benefit of the doubt, to treat them like we know them. On bad days, people need the most kindness. Even strangers.

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