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FUNNY GAMING MONTAGE #3 - CS:GO, Garry's Mod, The Culling, H1Z1 (Funny Moments) fuarena 42d4b4838

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fuarena 42d4b4838
Welcome back to FUNNY GAMING MOMENTS, a series that I'm hoping to properly pick back up again for a littel variety! Hope you guys enjoy this episode. In this one there's moments from the past week of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, H1Z1: King Of The Kill, The Culling and Garry's mod.
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➤ Twitter - http://goo.gl/o0CvNF
➤ Twitch - http://goo.gl/a5SUt5
➤ Patreon - https://goo.gl/p9BEhj
➤ Steam Community - http://goo.gl/IFKnyq
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★ F.A.Q
➤ What are your CSGO video's usually of?
My CSGO content is mostly Funny Moment videos. My CSGO Funny Moments series used to be called 'Frags & Hilarity', every few days, I upload the funniest moments and nice rounds all in this one video. Compiling all the best bits. It's basically a highlights reel of everything from my last few days of CS. That includes funny interactions and certain frags (2k's/3k's/4k's/Clutches/Aces/Nice Shots) that turned out well, often I'll have those in a small montage somewhere in the video IF the video has them, sometimes it doesn't. Over all you can expect most of my content to be hilarious clips from lobbies I'm in.

➤ What games do you play on your channel?
Of course, CSGO is the main game right now. I do play whatever I feel like though, sometimes I'll make a video on a game such as GTA 5 Online, Garry's Mod, Rust, Ark, DayZ, Arma 3 or anything that catches my attention. Counter-Strike and Rust are my main two games, however as my channel grows I'll be adding more and more. My content is based around Funny Moments and commentaries so if the game works for that, there's a chance I'll play it! I play games that my friends and I enjoy together or ones that'll give me interaction with other players. Lastly, no I don't do Let's Play videos :P

➤ "What's the name of the song in this video? Where do you get your music?"
All my music is licensed through Epidemic Sound via my network.Unless you've a license with ES or you're with a Network that has one the music will be unavailable for use.

➤ What are your PC specs & what gear do you use?
You can find all the details on my PC build in the bio of my twitch channel!

➤ What programs do you use to record & edit?
I use DXtory, Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 and Photoshop CC

➤ Do you ever play on console for videos?
Nope, just PC.
fuarena B42d4b4838T42d4b4838

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