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12 Scariest Animal Invasions fuarena c905ddafd

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fuarena c905ddafd
From thieving baboons, to the biggest congregation of bunnies in the WORLD, these are the 12 Scariest Animal Invasions

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6. Japan’s Jellyfish Invasion
In recent years, a country known for their love of seafood has seen a massive increase in the jellyfish population, especially on their western coast. And these aren’t just your average jellyfish you see floating around at the beach! Oh no! These are massive, 5 foot jellyfish that you really don’t want to swim into. These are known as the barrel jellyfish, and they really don’t serve humans any practical use. The sting is not considered to be dangerous but they do cause a temporary rash. Many believe that this invasion is happening due to the increase of temperature in the sea, which many blame pollution from china for. Fishermen claim that this infestation has cost them billions of yen

5. Invasion of the Birds
Imagine waking up in the morning, looking outside your window, and seeing this horrifying sight of hundreds of birds flying around outside! It would have be a sign of the apocalypse or something, right? A couple in England that took these photos, were quite shocked when they woke to the relentless noise of birds squawking at the top of their lungs. She claims she had never seen anything like it in her life. The reason for the unusual bird behavior, is likely due to a cold spell that struck the area early in October, disrupting their normal path. When they were expecting warmer weather, and they weren’t sure what to do when it was abnormally cold that time of year. Quite an interesting site to behold. When animals start acting strange, that’s normally how horror films start out or huge storm is about to strike!

4. A Snake in the Wall
Australia is known for crazy wildlife but finding a snake in your wall just seems like an invasion of personal privacy on so many levels. Would you ever feel safe in that house again! A homeowner made a shocking discovery when he found a snake lurking behind a plug socket after noticing his electricity didn’t work. It took him a while but after an hour of trying to pull the snake out of the hole, he finally succeeded. The snake had suffered from some electrical wounds and taken to a local zoo for treatment. But how on earth does this happen in the first place?!

3. Locust Invasions
Locusts have been symbols of destruction and are even represented as a plague in the story of Moses in Egypt. This type of invasion can certainly be the most devastating for humans and quite frightening to witness. Sometimes there can be such a high concentration of locusts, that they can actually blackout the sun and cause darkness. The leave a complete path of destruction and eat crop they make contact with. They are not confined to farms by any means and in 2014, a huge locus invasion took place in the capital of Madagascar. Here in this photo, it almost appears as a black cloud of doom has struck the city. Each one can consume it’s own weight in food each day and with an estimated 2 billion of them in this particular swarm, it was capable of eating 8.1 million pounds of food in 24 hours! Many people panic, and without thinking too much, just began spraying pesticides, spreading toxins in the air and not even making a dent. The city of Antananarivo, Madagascar survived this day but take this as a lesson to not underestimate the power of the locust.

2. The Giant Rat
No you are not looking at a photo of a cat or a possum, these giant rats and they have began taking the streets in big cities like New York and London.. Although it is the size of a cat, this is by all means a rodent. Scientists have warned the UK that will notice an increase in giant rat infestations in the upcoming years! Imagine walking to kitchen and seeing a cat sized rat on your counter top, scurrying through the bag of fritos you shouldn’t have left open! Not only are they freaking huge, some are becoming rat poison resistant, meaning they’ve evolved to the point where they’re nearly indestructible. Since rats feed off the trash, is this becoming a metaphor for human wastefulness? Only time can tell.

1.The Baboons of South Africa
Videos have gone viral of houses in South Africa, being completely raiding by a bunch of baboons. If you think about it however, we’re the ones who invaded their environment. Now they're fighting back and putting up quite the resistance especially against people living in coastal towns of South Africa. These guys will climb up sides of windows almost like ninjas in the night. You better think twice about leaving your window open from now on! This female baboon stole jar of peanut butter and is feasting on the spoils of war! Others will be a little less discreet while sabotaging, and will literally try to yank food from people's hands! Citizens have armed themselves with paintball guns and pepper spray to try to put an end to all the mayhem!
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